About us

The Book Booster was set up by award winning journalist Chantal Cooke.

“Thousands of great books are published every year. And thousands of great books go unread every year. Why? Because people don’t know about them. That’s a lose-lose. No one benefits.

“The trouble is, most authors don’t have access to big budgets for PR and marketing. So they don’t do it. Or they don’t do enough of it. Or they don’t do the right kind. I wanted to do something about that. And that’s what inspired The Book Booster.

“I wanted to create a way for authors—even with tiny budgets—to be able to reach 1000s of new readers. The Book Booster is designed to ensure each and every author can compete with the big budgets thrown at the top bestselling authors. I am not saying it’s easy, but I am saying it’s possible. And it doesn’t require a second mortgage.”

Chantal has over 20 years’ experience as a journalist in both the UK and abroad. She is also co-founder of the award winning radio station PASSION for the PLANET, and author of ‘PR Demystified: How to get Free Publicity by giving journalists what they really need’ and 'The Authority Guide to marketing your business book'.

Since 2010 Chantal has dedicated her time to using her media skills to help scores of authors market their books and get them in front of new readers.

Now she and her team have distilled everything they know about successfully marketing a book (whether fact or fiction, self-published or traditionally published) and put it all on one website: The Book Booster. The only website dedicated to helping you promote your book.

At The Book Booster we know most authors don’t have big marketing budgets, so this is the solution: We show you how to do it all yourself. And we’re always on hand to give a little extra help if needed.

Meet the team:

Chantal Cooke
Award winning journalist, co-founder of PASSION for the PLANET radio and founder/Managing Director of The Book Booster. London Leader in Sustainability and author of 'The Authority Guide to marketing your business book' and ‘PR Demystified: how to get free publicity by giving journalists what they really need’ Communication is her passion – along with wildlife and travel. Hopes to be eaten by a bear one day!
Sophie Inglis
Experienced PR professional with a great track record within agencies and in-house for large brands. Loves penguin biscuits (especially after a day on the ‘phones!) and is doting mother to two youngsters.
Mandy Green
Mandy has worked in media in London and Los Angeles, including TV, film, newspaper and radio. Her experience spans both PR and marketing, and she loves the written word, whether that’s reading it or writing it. Mandy’s other life revolves around golf and her labradoodle, Phoebe. “Love me, love my dog!”
Kevin Munns
The techie guy! Give him a website, and all the techie stuff that goes with it, and he’s happy! He also makes great calorific, totally irresistible desserts.
Mary Finnigan
Joins The Book Booster as a consultant. Her career spans national, regional and local print journalism, TV and radio. Formerly on the staff of the Daily Mirror, Daily Express, LBC/IRN and Visnews. Currently writing a book about her time living with David Bowie. Mary is also a contributor to the Guardian, BBC radios 3 and 4.
Kenny Stevens
A radio genius! Co-founder of PASSION for the PLANET radio and over 25 years in the industry at all levels. Currently writing his second novel. Kenny works with The Book Booster as a consultant. Ask Kenny to cook you his veggie moussaka – it’s delicious.