How to use The Book Booster website

Once you are a member of The Book Booster you will have access to everything you need to market your book successfully: advice, ‘how to’ guides, templates, exercises, case studies, lessons, in depth information and real life examples. Plus, there are links to useful resources and 100s of useful contacts, including book reviewers and book bloggers.

At the top of each page you will see one or both of the following symbols: Categories_Description

These let you know whether the content on the page is relevant to fiction or non-fiction authors.

CategoryIcon_FictionIf there are specific sections of the text that are relevant only to fiction authors you will see this symbol next to the text.

CategoryIcon_Non_FictionIf there is a section relevant only to non-fiction authors, then you will see this symbol next to the text.

This helps you quickly identify which areas are relevant to you.

Most activities are suitable for both self- and traditionally- published authors. Where this is

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