Is your book ready to market?

Fiction and Non Fiction

Traditionally Published

If your book has been traditionally published then it’s pretty safe to say it’s ready to be marketed. However before you start it’s worth finding out (if you don’t know already) the following:

  1. Who will deal with review copies? Will the publisher provide copies for review? Who will pay for them? Who will send them out and cover the postage costs?

The answer itself isn’t important but it is important that you know what the answer is.

  1. Who has the digital rights and how are they dealt with? In particular you’ll want to know what’s the system for dealing with Kindle / Amazon? Will they upload the book to Amazon for Kindle purchases or will you? Who will Amazon see as the publisher of the Kindle version of your book?

The key here is to understand what your contract includes and doesn’t include, and what you can and cannot do under the terms of your contract...

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