7 ways to make your presentation message "stick"


By Eric Fitzpatrick, Toastmasters International

article10You can picture the scene, a three day conference with fifty different speakers (usually the leading industry experts). It promises to be a great event. Like a fisherman you cast a net expecting to catch a wealth of valuable information. In reality most of it slips through because every speaker sounds the same and a week later you find it impossible to remember most (if anything) of what you heard. So, what can a speaker do to stand out from the crowd and make their presentation more memorable? The following seven ideas will help.

  1. Be different. Work out how you can stand out from all the other speakers. Most speakers at business conferences wear formal clothing, stand behind a lectern, read from pages of notes, rely on text laden power point slides and deliver lifeless, fact based, logical presentations. Steve Jobs stood out as...

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