How to create your Google+ account




Google Plus1. Create your Google+ account using your Google login. You can create a new email address if you want, or use an existing email

2. Create a profile – remember to include details of your book

3. You can also build a business page – this may be relevant if your book is related to your business, but otherwise it’s not worth it for most authors

4. Link your Google+ personal profile to your website or blog and any other social media accounts you have, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or YouTube

5. Like all the other social networks you can create a bio – and with Google+ there is no maximum word length. It will appear in the Google search results – this is probably the single biggest reason for using Google+ at the moment.

6. Be sure to include the relevant keywords: fiction, non-fiction, thriller, romance, etc. Think about how your readers will want to find a new book or article to read – think about what they might type into the Google search box. In other words understand your audience and speak their language.

7. Definitely add a professional headshot of you

Google+ has a useful ‘how to guide’

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