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Client: Tom Evans “The Bookwright”

Chantal Cooke is a journalist with over 25 years’ experience. She has helped hundreds of small businesses and authors generate free editorial coverage in the media by helping them understand what journalists are looking for.

“It’s a win-win when an author understands the needs of the journalist. It makes the whole process so much easier; the journalist gets great content and the author gets free publicity.” Chantal Cooke, co-founder of the Passion for the Planet group of radio stations and Panpathic Communications (parent of The Book Booster).

Chantal helped Tom Evans, The Bookwright generate media coverage for his books and his business.

The Challenge:
Tom: “I wanted publicity for my new business coaching and mentoring authors but I had no idea how to start. I had this idea that journalists were like aliens and not interested in me and what I offer. I saw them as completely unapproachable and therefore there was this sort of “me versus the journalists” thing going on in my head. Consequently whenever I did try to contact them with story ideas it didn’t go well. I just had no idea what they wanted from me.”

What did Tom want to achieve by working with Chantal?
Tom: “I wanted to build my confidence, to understand how to work with journalists. I wanted to be able to approach them and get a clear response from them with useful feedback if the answer was no. I wanted to get coverage and I didn’t want lots of “maybes”.

Tom attended the one day “How to get Free Publicity on TV, Radio and in Print” workshop and subsequently booked some follow-up 121 coaching sessions.

The result:
Tom: “I had so much more confidence after the workshop and really understood where I had been going wrong and what I needed to do. Journalists were no longer this alien species – I had a much better understanding of the pressure they work under and therefore what they need from me. On my first approach after the course I got an article in a magazine and this then lead to a regular column. The coaching has given me a very clear focus about what I am offering and I am much more selective about who I approach. This means I waste less time and my results ratio is much higher.”

Media Coverage in the 10 months since the course;

  •  Tom had an initial article in Paradigm Shift Magazine and now has a regular column
  • Tom has been interviewed on a number of BBC radio stations and has had features in at least 6 other magazines
  • Tom is now running regular workshops that get many bookings through the free media coverage he regularly generates
  • As a result of the workshop, Tom realised he needed an online brand and moniker - a couple of months later, he launched the Bookwright blog site and has had great results spreading the word over the Internet

Chantal runs regular workshops teaching small businesses how to generate all their own PR in just four hours a month.

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